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Katherine Kingsman * added 2021-05-09
We are regular customers of this establishment. We love going here with friends and drinking coffee with dessert. It is excellent.


Marcelina * added 2021-05-09
In this bar, quite loud music was playing all the time, it was noisy and a lot of smoke. We didn't like it, we went home.


Baker Holiday * added 2021-05-09
Our friends recommended this pizzeria to us. They said that it was cozy, quiet, calm here. And it really is, the pizza is delicious.


Baker Holiday * added 2021-05-09
The service of the waiters is great. We didn’t have to wait a minute, we were immediately served food, everything was hot and fresh. Thank you very much for your work and pleasant stay.


Greg * added 2021-05-09
I like it - it's very cozy and pleasant here. This is truly a place to relax and have a delicious dinner.


Morgan Ramirez * added 2021-05-08
Always friendly, good selection.


Sawyer Farmer * added 2021-05-08
Good selection and friendly service


Paul * added 2021-05-08
Always friendly staff who do their best to help. Our local store is actively involved in local affairs in our community. I like the cleanliness and order in the store. They have excellent management, and it shows.


Homer * added 2021-05-08
Harlan hy-vee is fantastic, they let you buy beer from your online ordering shelves. Plus, they don't spoil all of our products like Atlantic Hy-vee.


Gans * added 2021-05-08
Nice small town grocery store. Very friendly


Louis * added 2021-05-07
Ah, I'm just thrilled whith the names of the dishes, Viennese schnitzel, sunflower-seed bread, panini turkey and pretzel sandwich. I already want to taste these dishes. An interesting history of this institution, which I read on their website. I am planning to visit this restaurant in the near future.


Keith * added 2021-05-07
Today, on this site, I found out that my favorite establishment is receiving visitors again! Here you can play ping pong and have a delicious meal. A great place to spend time with a group of friends.


Dominic * added 2021-05-07
I love the pizza they make at Frank's Pizzeria in Chicago. Delicious thin dough and stuffed with their own sausage. It's delicious, I recommend trying their pizza and you won't look elsewhere. In addition, there are many more delicious dishes here.


Emil * added 2021-05-07
Fine restaurant serving traditional American cuisine. Good selection of traditional American food. The service is excellent. Always a good experience.


Ebenezer * added 2021-05-07
This is not a full-fledged site, this is a landing page, more intended to go to the site of their partners


Harvey * added 2021-05-06
Delicious cuisine from Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China and many other southeastern countries. Now they are just getting ready to receive visitors again. So far, they work only in the delivery and take-out mode. I recommend to taste it.


Charlee * added 2021-05-06
Delicious food and desserts. many interesting dishes that I still plan to try on my future visits. I really liked everything that I tried. Service is good. I am very pleased with everything.


Wilder * added 2021-05-06
If you love tacos then this is the place for you. Here they are cooked just amazingly delicious. A very large selection. In my opinion, this is the best way to quell hunger.


Teddy * added 2021-05-06
Very strange, but this site looks abandoned. It seems that with the proliferation of social media, the website has become less in demand. The last updates were here back in 2011. And you might think that this cafe is no longer working. But on the Facebook page I saw that they are already open to visitors.


Viviane * added 2021-05-06
The best of the best in my opinion. I love this restaurant very much and am very glad that I can visit it again. They cook very tasty here and are always glad to see you. Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff.