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Marcela * added 2021-01-15
Great spa with very good staff. Very good masseurs work here. And my face after their procedures became clean and smooth. The only thing that I have not yet used here is wax depilation. But maybe by the summer I will use this service too.


Aaron * added 2021-01-15
This site is not created for online sales. Here you can get only general information about the goods sold and the services provided. General photos of costumes and other things. There are no catalogs and photos of clothes sold. Everything is done just for information and a personal visit to the store.


Jenson * added 2021-01-14
If you want to get a creative hairstyle or just update your haircut, I recommend paying attention to this barbershop. Excellent specialists work here. And bearded men shouldn't pass by this barbershop at all, here they know how to tidy up your beard!


Finagan * added 2021-01-14
Very cool site of the barbershop Hairanoia! I found many pictures of their work here. I got to know their employees and the owner. Looked at the interior. It feels like I've already been here. I think I will pay a visit to this barbershop soon.


Lila * added 2021-01-14
Unfortunately, I found that this site is no longer working. I could only find them on Facebook


Luke * added 2021-01-14
At the moment, the site contains only information from the owner that his barbershop is temporarily closed, including due to the fact that he has asthma and is at high risk now. This is unfortunate as I have used their services a lot.


Joseph * added 2021-01-14
A very simple site for a good barbershop. Here you can find out the prices for their services, see photos of the salon inside, phone number, directions. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of their work, which I would like.


Riley * added 2021-01-13
Here you can always order delicious and fresh food from the Greek restaurant Fresh Greek Grill Beer & Wine. They have great service, but you can only order food directly from the restaurant itself. and deliver their food.


David * added 2021-01-13
If you love motorcycles, then this is the right site. Although the legendary Harley-Devivson is not sold here, the equally legendary Indian motorcycles are sold here. As well as mototechnics Polaris and Triumph. Personally, I came here for Indian Roadmaster.


Lewis * added 2021-01-13
An interesting site that gives a lot of positive emotions. I even found some items I want to buy. Something for yourself and a few for a gift to friends.


Cathy * added 2021-01-13
Very beautiful flower arrangements on this site. Site of a wonderful florist from Olathe, KS. I ordered a bouquet here for my aunt's birthday and they delivered a gorgeous bouquet at the right time. It was a pleasant surprise for her.


Elliot * added 2021-01-13
There are a lot of products manufactured by this company on this site. basically everything is connected with plumbing. Pipes, boilers, mixers and more. All products are of good quality. Here you will be helped to find everything you need, very professional staff.


Jeremy * added 2021-01-12
This is a very useful site that helps with transportation for the elderly and people with disabilities. Their transport is equipped with everything necessary to transport such passengers.


Stanley * added 2021-01-12
This is a very interesting and educational site of the Niabi Zoo. There is a lot of information about animals and their habitats. You can get acquainted with their events and become a volunteer. Make a donation and become a member of the Niabi Zoo community.


Edd * added 2021-01-12
Fine teas and coffees can be found on this site. More than 50 varieties of tea! This can be ordered online or you can book a tea party. The food here is delicious and fresh too. I really like this place.


Jack * added 2021-01-12
I use this site a lot because I like their coffee and order the same for myself at home. Sometimes I order pizza and coffee delivery. I want to assure everyone that everything here is very tasty and of high quality.


Priscilla * added 2021-01-12
I really like this place and their website. Here delicious coffee is prepared, especially cappuccino, with a thick foam. The most delicious ice cream in my opinion is here. Delightful gelato. I recommend this cafe and their website!


Matthew * added 2021-01-06
I want to invite all of you to visit this site and restaurant. Just see what delicious dishes are prepared here. I tasted it and I really like it. I especially recommend trying the lobster tail.


Thomas * added 2021-01-06
I am choosing a hotel in Tampa as I am planning a business trip there. I am looking for a good and not very expensive hotel. I liked everything on this site, there is everything you need for a person on a business trip. I will probably book a room at this hotel.


Isaac * added 2021-01-06
This site does not exist as a stand-alone site, as well as listed on their Facebook page, it redirects you to, which contains all the information about the hotel.