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Eric * added 2021-04-26
The food is amazing! I will stop by every day on my way to work for a bag and coffee.


Nonnastin * added 2021-04-26
Bad service. My boyfriend waited 10 minutes to refill his cocktail. The waitress only checked us 3 times in an hour and they were NOT busy. We waited 30 to 45 minutes for food. The only plus was that the spaghetti tasted fresh. The food is definitely not worth the cost. Would definitely recommend Frida instead!


Denis * added 2021-04-26
The person who met us at the door was rude. The staff were inattentive and refused to take a sip of wine for the tasting. My food was just ok


Leslie Faber * added 2021-04-26
I've already been told that "the owner is from Chicago, so his pizza must be great!" This is not a Chicago style pizza that is classified as one of two styles ... thin, tavern, square (which I grew up on) OR deep platter. Papa's is a great daddy style pizza.


Gans * added 2021-04-26
Love this place, especially the musical memorabilia (with me and my husband who are obsessed with music). The food is always there. There has never been any bad food here. Even high prices do not hold me back. Food not to be missed is pizza, calzone or something special ...


Marcel * added 2021-04-25
I recommend the shipping of this store. Good service.


Frederick * added 2021-04-25
I ordered a set of dishes through the delivery service. Received the parcel in excellent condition.


Morris * added 2021-04-25
Now the delivery service has become very relevant. I use their services all the time.


Natali * added 2021-04-25
I used the delivery service of the store. I received my entire order, I liked everything, the sizes were all the same.


Bob * added 2021-04-25
Food delivery from this restaurant is a very convenient service. I recommend everyone to use it.


Quadre * added 2021-04-24
I do not recommend using the restaurant delivery service. You will be hungry.


Morris Rogers * added 2021-04-24
I recommend everyone to use the delivery service of this restaurant.


Dawid * added 2021-04-24
I received my order, I am satisfied, everything is very tasty.


Nonnastin * added 2021-04-24
We regularly order lunches to our office. We really like their food, side dishes, desserts are especially good.


Gans * added 2021-04-24
If you do not want to stay hungry and in a bad mood, do not order on this site. Ruined my evening.


Patrick * added 2021-04-23
Wonderful Chicago pizza. Delicious. I recommend visiting this restaurant. Great service and delicious food. You will definitely come back here.


Kimberly * added 2021-04-23
There are always excellent and fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, grass-fed meats, milk and dairy, sustainably sourced fish, farm fresh eggs and much more. Great store and great delivery.


Misty * added 2021-04-23
I had a wonderful dinner. I really enjoyed their great service and very friendly staff. I highly recommended this restaurant.


Jeanie * added 2021-04-23
Me and my husband love this restaurant. There is always great food and great service. And there is also a great atmosphere here.


Madelyn * added 2021-04-23
Nice and cozy restaurant in Chinatown, Chicago with delicious Chinese food and great service. I loved it here and I will definitely come back.