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Niall * added 2021-04-30
Great experience and friendly team. Always great haircut and value for money. It is very easy to make an appointment. I will definitely come back again.


Lanny * added 2021-04-30
I was stayed for four days at this hotel. I think it is the best hotel I’ve stayed in. I just enjoy a room that is tidy and relaxing. I will certainly be saving their contact numbers for future reservations.


Delia * added 2021-04-30
Delicious food and pastries always. Everything is very fresh and tasty. I like to have a snack sometimes in this cafe.


Isaac * added 2021-04-30
They serve very tasty Israeli food here. I especially like their grill menu. I recommend tasting their charred eggplant


Esther * added 2021-04-30
I really liked this place. You can eat deliciously here. Great service. The appetizers and desserts are delicious. I have only positive impressions.


Bartosz * added 2021-04-29
The staff are always so friendly! Every time I return, I must definitely eat here!


Benjamin Leman * added 2021-04-29
Good food. It is sometimes a little loud.


Morris Rogers * added 2021-04-29
Great service, very good food !! Everyone is so mousey and friendly!


Kylie Mansfield * added 2021-04-29
Awesome Cool Cool! Great food. Great service. Try!!


Danielle Harvey * added 2021-04-29
they have no problem ordering food and delivering from them .... totally inconsistent. We give the driver a more than adequate tip, even if we are “only half a mile from their reach,” as the extremely rude employee answering the phone said. I guess we will never order from them again, the girl works on weekends. Maybe the manager needs to work with her.


Ultras * added 2021-04-28
My grandmother was treated in this hospital. She was very well treated, a lot of attention.


Ray * added 2021-04-28
The hospital is located on the shore of the lake, there is a park. You can go for walks in the fresh air. very cozy atmosphere.


Peter * added 2021-04-28
I was in this hospital last year, they treated me very attentively, they quickly put me on my feet.


Taylor Fane * added 2021-04-28
Patients are treated very badly in this hospital. The wards are dirty, the nurses do not give injections and procedures on time. The food is bad.


Bob * added 2021-04-28
When we arrived at the doctor's appointment, there were a lot of people, we had to wait 2 hours for the doctor to see us.


Jagoda * added 2021-04-27
So, the food my girl got was a pork chop, Biscuit, and to be honest, I was surprisingly impressed with this chop, a little bland but quite tasty. Hash rounds taste terrible.


Eric * added 2021-04-27
Great place in a small town! The food is exceptional and you can cook it however you want. They have pizza, pasta and salad. Their breadsticks are fantastic and fresh. And pepperoni pizza is something to die for.


Morris Rogers * added 2021-04-27
This place has really good food! Everything is made to order and the ingredients are right in front of you so you can see what they are using. Very low prices. You can eat or take out. They have 2 liter soda bottles as well as fountains. Great service!


Gordon Wood * added 2021-04-27
Always loved the good pizza from Bourbon Street Pizza. I especially like the new setup. It's a good idea to make this change. It's fun to watch them make pizza, from stretching the dough to sprinkling it right on the front lines.


Frederick * added 2021-04-27
We were driving in the middle of the night with two friends and we needed something to eat. I don't like hardee's at all, HOWEVER I like the Frisco breakfast .... which they had. It was delicious. Fresh, hot and not very long waiting.