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Frederick Harrison * added 2021-01-17
Lovely restaurant! Friendly staff, delicious cuisine, soulful music, I advise everyone! You will be satisfied)


Elliot * added 2021-01-16
On this site you can buy coffee and coffee additives. This is an unusual coffee, a healthy coffee, with special roasting methods that does not have most of the side effects of regular coffee.


Peter * added 2021-01-16
This is the site of the good Italian restaurant Novo Cafe in Westlake Village, CA. Here is real Italian cuisine because the owner is from Florence. Very friendly staff and the owner himself. I recommend this restaurant.


Ben * added 2021-01-16
You can always find delicious homemade donuts here! This is a great place and wonderful people work here. This family business needs to be supported and donuts ordered from them. It is good for them and delicious for you.


Joshua * added 2021-01-16
I tried several times to order drinks online, but when I came to the cafe for them, my order was not completed. I don't know if I will come back here.


Stanley * added 2021-01-16
The food is very tasty here. There are many delicious dishes to offer here. Good and fast service. Cozy restaurant.


Louisa * added 2021-01-15
Very cool hair salon. The prices are slightly higher than in a regular hairdresser, but the work of these specialists is worth it. I know my hair will be at its best if I come to this salon. I really like it here.


Ninel * added 2021-01-15
Here is a very wide range of services related to the beauty of nails. The prices indicated on the website are very reasonable. As far as I know, the service here is very high quality. I am going to pay a visit there soon.


Raquel * added 2021-01-15
I declare with full responsibility that this is one of the best skin care salons, and Louiselle and her assistant Nimisha are excellent specialists. I have always been using their services for over 10 years.


Marcela * added 2021-01-15
Great spa with very good staff. Very good masseurs work here. And my face after their procedures became clean and smooth. The only thing that I have not yet used here is wax depilation. But maybe by the summer I will use this service too.


Aaron * added 2021-01-15
This site is not created for online sales. Here you can get only general information about the goods sold and the services provided. General photos of costumes and other things. There are no catalogs and photos of clothes sold. Everything is done just for information and a personal visit to the store.


Jenson * added 2021-01-14
If you want to get a creative hairstyle or just update your haircut, I recommend paying attention to this barbershop. Excellent specialists work here. And bearded men shouldn't pass by this barbershop at all, here they know how to tidy up your beard!


Finagan * added 2021-01-14
Very cool site of the barbershop Hairanoia! I found many pictures of their work here. I got to know their employees and the owner. Looked at the interior. It feels like I've already been here. I think I will pay a visit to this barbershop soon.


Lila * added 2021-01-14
Unfortunately, I found that this site is no longer working. I could only find them on Facebook


Luke * added 2021-01-14
At the moment, the site contains only information from the owner that his barbershop is temporarily closed, including due to the fact that he has asthma and is at high risk now. This is unfortunate as I have used their services a lot.


Joseph * added 2021-01-14
A very simple site for a good barbershop. Here you can find out the prices for their services, see photos of the salon inside, phone number, directions. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of their work, which I would like.


Riley * added 2021-01-13
Here you can always order delicious and fresh food from the Greek restaurant Fresh Greek Grill Beer & Wine. They have great service, but you can only order food directly from the restaurant itself. and deliver their food.


David * added 2021-01-13
If you love motorcycles, then this is the right site. Although the legendary Harley-Devivson is not sold here, the equally legendary Indian motorcycles are sold here. As well as mototechnics Polaris and Triumph. Personally, I came here for Indian Roadmaster.


Lewis * added 2021-01-13
An interesting site that gives a lot of positive emotions. I even found some items I want to buy. Something for yourself and a few for a gift to friends.


Cathy * added 2021-01-13
Very beautiful flower arrangements on this site. Site of a wonderful florist from Olathe, KS. I ordered a bouquet here for my aunt's birthday and they delivered a gorgeous bouquet at the right time. It was a pleasant surprise for her.