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Harry * added 2021-05-05
Clean room, excellent value for money. One of the best hotels in Chicago in my opinion. Would recommend staying at this hotel.


Tedd * added 2021-05-05
A lovely and very modern hospital. There are many very good specialists who are always ready to help you. My father had a stroke. Thanks to the efforts of the doctors at this hospital, my father is fine now.


Roddie * added 2021-05-05
Lovely tortillas and other food are delicious too. Anyone who loves Mexican cuisine will love this place. They really know how to cook deliciously here. Come and taste it.


Mitch * added 2021-05-05
There is always a great atmosphere and coffee. But now they only show up on Saturdays at Experimental Station Farmer Pickups.


Nick * added 2021-05-05
I always get a great haircut. The hairdressers are very welcoming. It is very pleasant and interesting to talk to him. It works quickly and accurately. He has an amazing sense of style.


Plag * added 2021-05-04
We were looking for afternoon coffee and pie, which they do not serve either one. It was very clean and the waitress was nice!


Sarah Lawman * added 2021-05-04
Ordered food pretty close to closing time but was assured we could fit in and was told it would take 45 minutes. Ordered almost $ 50 worth of food and drove home (15 minutes drive) and when we arrived my burger was dry and the edges of the bun were hard.


Maria * added 2021-05-04
Absolutely love this place. And on Tuesdays, kids eat for free !!


Jack Hayes * added 2021-05-04
Some dishes tasted like they changed recipes, and the fat on fried foods tasted and smelled like when they were burnt.


Gabriela * added 2021-05-04
Food is food that cannot control recipes with chains. What I love is the cleanliness and great staff.


Vanessa Palmer *. added 2021-05-03
We ordered 2 large stuffed crusty pizzas, one meat lovers, one excellent. When we got home, there was so much topping on the pizza itself that the crust softened and was practically nonexistent. I have ordered these pizzas before and they never looked like this.


Ray * added 2021-05-03
Friendly staff, very clean and great food.


Kelly Sykes * added 2021-05-03
The staff were very nasty and very in a hurry, although I was the only one in line.


Baker Holiday * added 2021-05-03
On Monday our waiter was so polite. She chatted with our child, offered him crackers and vanilla waffles while we waited to place our order. our son adored her and loved to smile at her. She was so caring and the service was amazing …


Bryan Shaw * added 2021-05-03
Normally, I wouldn't review a chain like Pizza Hut. However, our waitress (Heather) impressed us a lot. She was at the height of our order, cheerful, sweet and charming. This is rarely the case in a place like Pizza Hut.


Warren Smith * added 2021-05-01
This place was awesome. The service was great, the place was very clean, the people were very kind, a great place for a family. We'll be back to a great place, people.


Ultras * added 2021-05-01
Great service, great menu choices, great food and drinks. Everything was great! The tender pork was super different and very big! But mega delicious !!! The groom had a steak and it's hard to find a restaurant that does that.


Walker Young * added 2021-05-01
The service was awesome! Drinks were impeccable! The food came quickly. The steaks were a little sparse. An unusual historical warehouse serving homemade food. Very good.


Kylie Mansfield * added 2021-05-01
As always, quality food and great service, wait staff are friendly and helpful, well, it's an old train station so it's pretty cool.


Ernest Page * added 2021-05-01
Food was good, waitress was very friendly. Great waitress. Disappointed with food but will definitely try again