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Dolores * added 2021-02-18
They offer great spa services! I would visit their UV Tanning and Hydration Station. But unfortunately, nowhere on the site does it say that they are temporarily closed! It's a pity!


Lily Conors * added 2021-02-17
The store is big, you can find everything, now there is even food. True, it is a little expensive, but all other things are at low prices


Rebecca Kelly * added 2021-02-17
Hello ! I wanted to leave a review about your staff! The boutique is very nice and the choice of dresses is very large! I recommend to everyone! Well done !!!


Chase Miers * added 2021-02-17
I liked working with the store and ordered things for myself. There were small nuances, but the managers quickly decided everything.


Travis Gonzalez * added 2021-02-17
I liked working with the store and ordered things for myself. There were small nuances, but the managers quickly decided everything.


Woodrow Nelson * added 2021-02-17
Good stuff, but prices are not always adequate .. really good store, I can't say anything bad. If everything goes on like this, I think I will also be your regular customer, so far I have only bought a pair of shoes. It's okay, running around is okay. Good luck and prosperity.


Madison Knight * added 2021-02-16
In my opinion, the perfect shop for gifts for a man. I always know specifically what my husband and brother need, especially since they really like the stylish things here, that's why I am pleased.


Homer Long * added 2021-02-16
Good store! thank you for your work! you do it really well, for which I am very grateful to you.


Mark Paterson * added 2021-02-16
for the second year in a row I buy gifts from you for my husband) And he does not even know where I am taking such high-quality and beautiful things. Thank you very much, and I advise everyone!


Marvin Hodges * added 2021-02-16
I bought from you for the first time. I really liked the service and service, although they called back after 3 hours. The consultants are educated, they understand what the buyers need.


Adrian Owen * added 2021-02-16
Very pleasant and qualified consultants, a huge selection for every taste


Leslie Faber * added 2021-02-15
I can say that the store is good. there is something to see. But the situation was not at all clever with the costume that I wanted to buy. I called in advance and agreed on a suit with a size. He came from another city and he was not there.


Owen Atcheson * added 2021-02-15
We have been ordering for several years already. Everything came in excellent condition. Excellent service, feedback.


Derek Stevenson * added 2021-02-15
Very nice store! Worthy things! Dimensions are all! Thank you very much to the store for taking care of the buyer!


Zak * added 2021-02-15
We ordered a jacket. I liked the quality of the material, excellent cut, correct size.


Frederick Harrison * added 2021-02-15
Good afternoon. Thank you for the quality product and excellent service. Very happy with your purchase.


Gans * added 2021-02-14
Regular customers come here just like that, I was surprised to sit and chat with the guys. Had a good time.


Wyatt Reed * added 2021-02-14
I came for a haircut, I thought the hairdresser is like a hairdresser, the price tag is low. I found myself in a cool atmospheric place, the masters are professionals in their field.


Whitney Lloyd * added 2021-02-14
I am very glad that I visited this cool salon) this is a place where you can come back again and again) the atmosphere is great)


Mike Rivera * added 2021-02-14
The place is super, I advise everyone and everyone! Hairdressers are professionals in their field! The atmosphere is top notch!