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Greg * added 2021-04-17
The only complaint I have is the food prices. Tickets are not bad, but popcorn and drinks prices are quite high and I know cinema can be expensive, but I had cheaper popcorn and drinks in larger and more popular cinemas. Otherwise, it's good.


Homer * added 2021-04-17
The staff are friendly, the movie will not spoil, no matter how much you ask. The picture quality is excellent even in 3D. The seats are okay, not the best, but comfortable enough, even for a three hour movie. I give it 4 stars.


Valery * added 2021-04-17
If I and the other people behind me left immediately, we would not be able to watch the film. The accommodation room was not cleaned in front of the entrance and it was also half filled with people. That's how many tickets have been oversold! There was popcorn and wrappers everywhere, I sat in someone else's caramel and ruined my pants. I will not be back.


Morris Rogers * added 2021-04-17
They have no software to tell them the number of tickets sold in relation to the number of seats. A queue was deployed outside the door, and an elderly woman who could not properly manage the checkout was still selling tickets for sold out seats! They also no longer offer a discount when paying in cash at the concession booth.


Frederick Harrison * added 2021-04-17
A very beautiful place. I'm going there for the first time. Only the volume of the complaints was too loud for my taste, but overall everything was really pleasant.


Homer Long * added 2021-04-16
By far the best place I have ever been! The girl taking the orders was very friendly, nice and great customer service.


Polina * added 2021-04-16
For a quick meal, it's decent, it's one of my favorite places.


Morris Rogers * added 2021-04-16
Sorry for that, but this is my third time buying a fish dinner at this place and it cost me $ 16.44 for 4 small pieces of fish steaks that are way too high.


Cora Gilson * added 2021-04-16
Very tasty food. The only negative I could think of is that I would like to supply me with napkins. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to stop and give it a try.


Bobby Lopez * added 2021-04-16
Breakfast 5 stars. Creative, flavorful food that rivals the best food you've ever eaten. Ribeye omelet, shrimp grits, lobster sponge cake, waffles with caramelized apple and walnuts.