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Quinn Washington * added 2020-12-05
There is a pedestrian area next to the hotel. Quiet. In the evening there is a place to walk. Good breakfast buffet.


Emily * added 2020-12-05
The location of the hotel, the presence of its own secure parking, friendly service staff.


Steven Marlow * added 2020-12-05
Breakfasts are generally normal, there is a choice of sweet breakfast (yoghurts, pastries, snacks), and salty (porridge, a couple of types of sausages, bacon, three types of eggs, ham, cheese), which in general will not leave you hungry! We liked it, we recommend


Mason * added 2020-12-05
The hotel is good, the staff is great, the breakfasts are delicious. The location is convenient. Own closed parking


Valerie * added 2020-12-05
Nice girl administrator. Number of two rooms, spacious, comfortable, clean. The Wi-Fi worked smoothly, which was important for me. All the necessary accessories are present. Breakfast is a buffet in a restaurant on the floor below, everything is tasty and satisfying - my colleague and I liked it.


Malcolm * added 2020-12-04
On this site you can buy both a new car and a used one. Great car dealer with friendly and helpful staff. Lots of good suggestions here.


Flann * added 2020-12-04
This is the site of one of the used car dealerships. In general, it is very similar in structure to all other sites selling used cars in the city of Elgin. The feeling that they all ordered their sites from one person. But this is a trifle, it is strange that they have only 7 cars for sale! This is alarming.


Courtney * added 2020-12-04
I looked at several options for buying used cars from this store, and there are some interesting suggestions. In the near future I plan to contact them for a consultation.


Barney * added 2020-12-04
An excellent and very informative auto sales site. I saw here all the services they provide, the brands and types of cars they sell. Very user-friendly site and service. I am thinking of buying my new car here.


Ruth * added 2020-12-04
I really liked their service. I have never had such quick and easy insurance. I think they are the best. The whole auto insurance procedure took 15 minutes. The prices are also very reasonable.